By this time next week, Oomph’s Rob Aubin and John Picozzi will be in New Orleans at DrupalCon North America, where thousands of Drupal developers, system engineers, designers, and project managers (to name a few) will participate in learning sessions, talks, code sprints, and social events.

In the spirit of DrupalCon NOLA, Rob and John are sharing a little bit about their past experiences, as well as what they’re looking forward to at this year’s event.

Rob Aubin & John Picozzi of Oomph, Inc.

DrupalCon is a global event. It has a superhero-like name. Heck, it should probably come with its own theme song (like this one played at DrupalCon San Francisco in 2010). And by our accounts, that’s not an exaggeration. The material covered at DrupalCon, according to Rob, is vast and deep.

This year, there are 13 session tracks, featuring topics like UX, DevOps, project management, and PHP. And each track includes sessions for beginners, experts, and everyone between. You can also join full-day summits or choose from 15 training courses.

Our team always comes home from DrupalCon with a wealth of new information, and the answers to many Drupal questions. What’s more, we return to Oomph with new ideas about what’s possible with Drupal.

Rob attended his first DrupalCon in Boston in 2008 and says the attendance was around 850. By the time he attended Chicago in 2011, it was pretty amazing to see attendance rocket to almost 3,000. The network of Drupal professionals continues to grow year after year. Los Angeles 2015 exceeded the 3,000-attendee mark.

John attended his first DrupalCon in Austin in 2014. Walking into that first DrupalCon is my favorite memory. The feeling that you are with your people is overwhelming. That’s why he returned to DrupalCon Los Angeles last year, and is eagerly awaiting NOLA next week.

During his time, John plans to attend Drupal 8 Translation and Commerce 2.0 talks. Rob also plans to attend talks that will inform his work with Drupal 8. I’m looking forward to immersing myself in all the Drupal 8 deep-dive sessions—and hopefully coming up for air to see New Orleans.

It’s the first visit to the city for both John and Rob but it’s not their first DrupalCon, so they have some advice for first timers.

”It’s a long conference, so there’s a good chance you’ll experience information overload. What makes DrupalCon different, in my mind, is that it’s a super dense session schedule (about 130 sessions this year) and I’ve never been to a session at one of these events that was disappointing”

Rob says. John agrees. Plus, he adds a vital packing tip: Make sure you leave room for all the t-shirts you’ll be coming home with.

Sounds like DrupalCon NOLA will be sending attendees home with more than they came with, on multiple levels. That’s what a great event is all about, and we will be sure to share the knowledge Rob and John bring back to Oomph and our clients after their time at DrupalCon NOLA.