Julie Elman Oomph Digital Project ManagerJulie Elman joins Oomph as Digital Project Manager, a role that puts her at the center of the action working with the design, development and client services teams at our Providence office. When we first met Julie, we knew she brought the right mix of creativity, experience and dedication to the job. What we’ve since come to learn is that she’s also a natural fit here at Oomph. Julie has jumped right into the projects and culture here on Clifford Street, and we are excited to have her on board. Did we mention that she’s also a trained chef? It’s always nice to add another foodie to the team.

Here are a few more things we learned about Julie during our new-to-Oomph Q&A:

1. What brought you to Oomph?

I started my professional career as a chef—I have an associate’s degree in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales. That was what brought me to Providence; I am originally from West Hartford, Connecticut. After working in the industry for a short time, I chose to continue my studies at Johnson & Wales in the field of graphic design and new media, and it led to a career in graphic design with project management, web design and web development mixed in.

What I love most about project management is having the opportunity to develop and maintain relationships and to ensure that projects meet or exceed client expectations. I have been aware of Oomph for some time—since the company used to be housed in the shipping container offices on the west side of Providence. When I heard that Oomph was looking for a digital project manager, I knew it would be an amazing opportunity.

2. What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on?

At my previous company, Teespring, I was involved in developing plans and processes for acquiring and maintaining our largest licensing partnerships—i.e., the NFL and NBA. The project required a large amount of strategy, communication, and automation to effectively support and make the large workload scalable. The project overlapped with Super Bowl 50, so that was an exciting time for the company to be developing limited edition championship gear.

3. When you’re working on a new project, where do you look for inspiration?

Mostly, I enjoy drawing inspiration from everyday life and interactions with people. I pull from my experiences and always consult my colleagues when I am in need of some creative brainstorming. If I need more inspiration, I typically browse websites that are considered top sites in that subject matter and I listen to relevant podcasts. For additional design inspiration, I explore Dribbble, Behance and Pinterest.

4. What’s been your first impression of Oomph?

They are the most dedicated, welcoming, and spicy-food loving team. I could not be more excited to join the team at Oomph.

5. No one’s at home except you. You blast your favorite music. What’s playing?

Definitely Beyonce. I love Formation but you can often find me listening to her older songs, too!

6. What do you think makes a great project manager?

Effective communication skills are crucial. Making sure project progress and challenges are communicated to both clients and team members is key to getting a project done efficiently and accurately. Organization and strategy are also staples in successfully managing a project.

7. What are three things you need to have on your desk?

I would say a notebook containing my endless checklists, a cup of coffee or tea, and my Mac.

8. Do you recall a specific moment when knew you wanted to work in web design?

Besides that gut feeling, I think I just realized it when I worked on my first WordPress project back in 2010. I have always enjoyed web development and design. After learning HTML and CSS, I taught myself WordPress. I always loved the opportunity to customize templates and resolve issues as they arose. There is a certain flexibility, creative freedom and pride that comes with the development and launch of a website. From a project manager’s perspective, I love being involved in the brainstorming and strategy processes.

9. Cats or dogs?

Cats! I have one rescue cat. Her name is Crystal; she is my best buddy. She’s going on 16 years old and I’ve been able to enjoy her company for the past 15 years.

10. What are you looking forward to most about your new role?

I am most excited for the opportunity to work hands-on with a smart and creative internal team while establishing a trusting relationship with each of our clients. I find it valuable that the team contributes to the successes of our clients as well as to the development of each team member.

11. What’s your favorite restaurant in Providence?

I love sushi. For my favorite sushi, I go to Sakura. I always order the Crazy Roll - the spicier the better! For dessert, I like to splurge on dessert tastings at Gracie’s.

12. You are on your dream vacation. What do you see around you, and what are you doing?

I have had the opportunity to go on my dream vacation! So, I’d be back on the big island in Hawaii hiking and enjoying the views of forests, mountains, water, and volcanoes — being active in nature makes me happiest.