We are excited to introduce two new additions to our client team, Hanna Furey and DJ Kadamus. When we sat down for our new-to-Oomph interview, we discovered that Hanna and DJ have quite a bit in common. Both enjoy good films, good food, and hiking. And both spent time living and working in New York City. Now that they’ve made Rhode Island their home, Hanna and DJ are finding that it’s a great fit. We think so, too. Here’s more about our two newest Team Members.

Hanna Furey, Digital Project Manager

Hanna is an established project manager who has been working in the digital and media industries for eight years. Skilled in many areas including media, video and event production, Hanna says she’s looking forward to adding more Drupal to her repertoire. In addition to being a sci-fi nerd, Hanna calls herself a “documentation nerd.” She’ll get the chance to nurture that passion by contributing to our best practices and standards documentation.

In her free time, Hanna is an avid baker. Her latest obsession is donut-making (which we’ve benefited from). She also enjoys hiking, camping, photography, and video production. Additionally, Hanna devotes a lot of her free time to women’s rights advocacy and nature conservation. She hopes to visit a new National Park every year until she’s checked them all off her list.

DJ Kadamus, Digital Account Strategist

A Long Island native, DJ is taking on a new role at Oomph that involves intensive research into the latest web design and development trends and technologies that impact our clients. He will be identifying and implementing targeted strategies to keep every client site performing at peak level. DJ is a Syracuse graduate whose degree in history and political science led him to back to New York City, where he worked in digital marketing for a non-profit organization. Now a Rhode Island resident, DJ has found a new digital home with Oomph.

Outside the office, DJ enjoys reading historical biographies, playing basketball and baseball, spending time outdoors, and tracking down every Oscar-nominated film before the awards are announced each year.

Please join us in welcoming Hanna and DJ.