Oomph has been using Paragraphs to deliver “flexible content” areas and content layouts for our clients. With the release of Drupal 8.7 and the addition of Layout Builder, Oomph has begun to incorporate the new Layout Builder functionality into our websites. Learn the advantages of Layout Builder over Paragraphs and how you can successfully implement Layout Builder on your next project.

Some topics covered are:

  • How to setup Layout Builder for static and flexible content templates.
  • How to setup components (blocks) to be added to your Layout.
  • How to add custom user-selected configuration to your components (blocks) as classes.
  • Useful contribute modules to use with Layout Builder.
  • Future Roadmap of Layout Builder

Watch Senior Drupal Architect John Picozzi and <Senior UX Engineer Kathy Beck from their Design4Drupal 2019 talk on all things Layout Builder.

Watch the Design4Drupal talk on Drupal Layout Builder