Given the quickly shifting landscape we are all trying to navigate, I want to take a moment to communicate how Oomph is adjusting our work practice in order to keep the welfare of our team and our clients a top priority.

We are 100% focused on flexibility

We know that our clients, across industries, may need to quickly pivot. This may involve urgent deploys, fast turn-around projects, and new technologies. Our entire team is focused and willing to flex our schedules, our processes, and to step outside of our comfort zones if that is what it takes to accommodate your needs.

Our team is 100% distributed

Oomph has been operating as a distributed company since mid-2019 and some employees have been full-time remote since 2016. Our Providence headquarters has continued to be a daily home for a small number of team members and a gathering place for client meetings, team meetings, and our annual Oomph Summit. We have temporarily closed our HQ to ensure the health and safety of all.

Travel and in-person meetings are on temporary hold

With quickly escalating cases, we are sensitive to both the health of our team and our clients. With that in mind, we will be holding all meetings, workshops, and trainings via phone or video calls. Such digital collaboration is nothing new to us, but we do crave these personal interactions and look forward to resuming them as soon as possible.

Despite the uncertainty we are all grappling with, Oomph remains 100% committed to providing continued service offerings to our clients, with an expectation of little to no disruption in our day-to-day operation.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Christopher Murray, CEO