Every development team deserves a trusted and loyal companion by their side when it comes to the code review process. That’s what inspired us to create Gitpup, a new tool to help teams manage code review in an effective, centralized and engaging way.

About a year ago, our engineering and quality assurance teams made some major changes to how we structured our code review process. The result? A more straightforward peer review process that ensured a second set of eyes on every line of code. Our initial workflow leveraged GitHub pull requests, but as our code review practice grew, the standard GitHub interface fell short. Keeping track of the many pull requests became cumbersome. It was difficult to track who-was-assigned-to-what, and there was no central place to view the status of pull requests company-wide. So, although we had a process in place, we thought it could be better. We wanted to make it much more visible and we wanted to weave it into our culture at Oomph, which meant that it should be a fun way to work together.

At the time, we were avid HipChat users so we set out to explore how we might bring the code review process into HipChat. Could we leverage our internal chat system to make the whole process clearer, more visible, and, most importantly, more fun? Yes, we could.

Come here, boy!

By the end of the year, we had built a fantastic code review friend within HipChat that would help the entire team stay on the same page regarding who was reviewing what, what needed reviewing, and how engaged our developers were in the process. All the while, our team was stockpiling sweet karma for their hard work right within our company chat room. We used it every day—tens and even hundreds of times a day.

In December, we added Slack integration when we switched our company from HipChat to Slack, and in January we decided to extend the system to support additional teams. Today, Gitpup has a name and a website and it’s already been adopted in beta by a handful of teams. We are adding new teams to the wait list right now.

If you run a development team that’s struggling to formalize, organize, and embed code reviews in your culture, Gitpup might be the solution you’ve been looking for. All you need to get started is a GitHub organization account and a team chat service like HipChat or Slack.

Ready to adopt a new, loyal code review assistant?

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