Headed to Seattle for DrupalCon 2019? So are we, and we’d love to connect while we’re there. This year the Oomph team is leading two sessions:

How Technical Should a Drupal PM Be?

Oomph’s Director of Strategy, Matt O’Bryant, is leading How Technical Should a Drupal PM Be? You can catch Matt's presentation on the Exhibit Stage on April 11th at 10:45am.

As a digital project manager your core responsibility is to successfully manage the delivery of a project on time and on budget. But is more required, particularly when working on a Drupal project? What other technical skills can you learn that will turn you into the rock star PM that every engineer wants to work with? In this talk we’ll review some basic Drupal skills and features that every PM should know and why. Plus, we’ll cover a few more advanced developer topics and touch on things like usability, web accessibility and more. Together, we'll try to answer the question, how technical should a Drupal PM be? This talk is geared towards digital project managers of all skill levels and aims to attract like-minded project managers who want to push the boundaries of what skills should be expected from a modern digital PM.

Configuration Management: A True Life Story

John Picozzi, Senior Drupal Architect, is leading Configuration Management: A True Life Story.

John will be presenting on April 10th in room 612 at 12:30pm.

Long gone are the days of copying databases, creating a custom module, or creating features to push new functionality to your Drupal Website. Those days and arcane methods are a thing of the past with Drupal 8. Why or how you ask? Read on my friend, read on! Managing configuration in Drupal 8 has become much easier with the introduction of configuration management. In this talk, we will review "good practices" Oomph and Chromatic have established for configuration management, what tools we use on all of our Drupal 8 projects and how to use them. We will discuss the following list of modules: Configuration Manager, Configuration Split, Configuration Read-only mode, and Configuration Ignore. What you can expect to learn from this talk? How to export and import configuration in Drupal 8, how to manage configuration in version control, how to manage configuration for multiple environments, and how to prevent configuration changes in production. This talk is for all skill levels and aims to make everyone's life easier through the magic of Drupal Configuration Management. We look forward to sharing our experience with you and answering any questions you may have.

Are you headed to DrupalCon as well? Shoot us an email and we’d love to find a time to connect. hello@oomphinc.com