In this video from New England Drupal Camp, November 17, 2018, Senior Drupal Architect John Picozzi joins forces with Nate Dentzau to review how the Oomph and Chromatic development teams approached configuration management. With more than one developer on a project, and more than one server environment, it is important to be able to duplicate configuration from one environment to another for greater development consistency — and without wasting a lot of time duplicating config changes by hand.

With Drupal 8, long gone are the arcane methods of copying databases, creating a custom module, or creating features to push new functionality to your Drupal Website. Managing configuration in Drupal 8 has become much easier with the introduction of configuration management. In this video, we review “good practices” Oomph has established for configuration management, what tools we use on all of our Drupal 8 projects and how to use them. We also discuss how configuration management ties into a Continuous Integration pipeline using Github and Travis-CI.

We discuss the following list of modules:

  • Configuration Manager
  • Configuration Split
  • Configuration Read-only mode
  • Configuration Installer

What you can expect to learn from this video:

  • Automating configuration management in a Continuous Integration pipeline
  • How to export and import configuration in Drupal 8
  • How to manage configuration in version control
  • How to manage configuration for multiple environments
  • How to install a new instance of Drupal with a set of existing configuration

This video is for all skill levels and aims to make everyone’s life easier through the magic of Drupal Configuration Management.